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Big 21 by borisl5596 Big 21 :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 4 May the 4th be with you by borisl5596 May the 4th be with you :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 0 The Easter Heavy by borisl5596 The Easter Heavy :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 0 0 Happy Autism Awareness Day by borisl5596 Happy Autism Awareness Day :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 2 0 In loving memory of those who have passed. by borisl5596 In loving memory of those who have passed. :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 0 Swag Fantasy other characters by borisl5596 Swag Fantasy other characters :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 0 0 Swag rpg: rage's weapons by borisl5596 Swag rpg: rage's weapons :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 0 Happy birthday MasterChica by borisl5596 Happy birthday MasterChica :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 4 0 Swag Fantasy by borisl5596 Swag Fantasy :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 0 Swag Kart Racing by borisl5596 Swag Kart Racing :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 2 1 What Lies Ahead? by borisl5596 What Lies Ahead? :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 1 Time away from the oddballs by borisl5596 Time away from the oddballs :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 0 Merry Christmas from the team by borisl5596 Merry Christmas from the team :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 2 0 A day at sniper school by borisl5596 A day at sniper school :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 1 0 that moment.. by borisl5596 that moment.. :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 3 3 party at freddys by borisl5596 party at freddys :iconborisl5596:borisl5596 2 0


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Big 21
So, I'm 21 one today. Have a lot of hopes for the future, and got a lot ahead too. Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes

Made using Garry's Mod

Rage critter model belongs to KOF games
May the 4th be with you
Today is a very special day for star wars fans, the day star wars was created by George Lucas. To celebrate, me and MC get our Jedi on.

Happy birthday Star Wars!!

Made in Garry's mode

Rage model belongs to KOF games

MC(…) model originally belongs to 343 Industires

Lightsabers belong to lucasfilm
The Easter Heavy
To celebrate Easter, I made this poster for a swag squad adventure.

"In a parody of the beloved Easter classic  "It's the Easter beagle Charlie brown!", Easter time has come again, and rage and the gang are preparing for a big Easter party. But there is one problem; The Heavy has disappeared, and its up to Shadow to find him. Meanwhile, rage tries to entice the sceptic MC and the stubborn Springtrap that the Easter eggs will be provided for the party  by "the Easter Heavy" a myteriouse individual who gives Easter eggs to the local populace. Elsewhere, the soldier is trying to teach pyro how to make eggs themselves, but will the Pyro's odd mind comprehend what needs to be done?"

Happy Easter everyone! :)

Made in Garry's mod
Rage model belongs to KOF games
Shadow model belongs to sega.
MC model belongs to 343 Industries
Pyro, soldier and heavy models belong to valve.
Happy Autism Awareness Day
Okay, so today is April 1st, or April fools day. so most of us have been trolling each other. But today is another important day. I am of course talking about Autism Awareness day. As a person with high functioning autism, i feel i should be there to remind others, that it isnt a curse or a defection, but a gift.

Happy Autism Awareness Day.

made in garry's mod

Heavy belongs to valve

Shadow belongs to sega

my model belongs to KOG games

Masterchica's(deviantart page found here:…) model belongs to 343 industries 
In loving memory of those who have passed.
I meant to post this nearly a fortnight ago, but I forgot.

If you live in new south wales, you would know that recently we had very heavy rain. Flooding was everywhere, but worst of all, a young boy lost his life when he was sucked down a drain and drowned. I give my deepest condolences for the family's loss.

Made in garry's Mod

Model belongs to KOG games

Made in memory of Ryan Teasdale
Hi everyone, as I had promised, here are the head cannon personalities for the swag squad.

Rage:As the eldest of the three, but also the smallest, Rage is somewhat of a big brother to his friends and is willing to go great lengths to insure they get home in one piece. One trait that is shown on occasion is a sensitive side that can be a bit uncontrollable. Underneath this, he has shown to be kind and well intended, taking in Kate, who at the time was homeless and recovering from drug addiction, as well as providing a home for his friends, who he on occasion has called his family. While he dose have a reckless side, he defends the fact he's honest about it. He dose have a bit of a temperament, which on occasions has caused conflict with sentry and MC, hence his name.

MC: Amiable, strong-hearted and benevolent, he's good friends with Rage and Sentry and is Cupa's lover. He has a keen eye for detail and is often coming off as wise. At times, he can be highly random and comical, but other times emotional.

Cupa: Omnipotent and highly lovable, Cupa is MC's lover. She cares bout him deeply and is extremely protective of him. Despite her overprotective tendencies, she's understanding, agreeable and is very much an all-round nice girl. But if you threaten or hurt MC, watch out!

Sentry: a hardened, highly disciplined enigmatic man, sentry mythbuster usually tends to himself but likes to join in. While he doesn't like MC's randomness (often displaying his annoyance and embarrassment by placing his fingers between his eyes) he considers him a friend regardless as he often keeps his friends in check behaviour wise. He'll even help his friends in trouble, even if it means breaking rules. He is very knowledgeable, able to recall events and patterns where His friends cannot. He had been the butt of many jokes in the past and he now considers them insulting if directed at him. Still, many turn to him for good advice as he had known and seen adversity long enough to know what to give. 
He possesses a Pumpkin Patch sniper rifle and is learning to become an professional, knowing that it will take him years to accomplish. 

Shadow: while a majority of his personality remains intact, shadow is shown to be far more social and out going then he originally was. He dose seem to get a bit annoyed with rage and MC's antics, much like sentry. As per result, he is shown hanging with sentry when not hanging with rage or Springtrap. He also seems to constantly bring up a subject of when rage drank 147 cans of bonk soda.

Springtrap: a old and withered animatronic found and befriended by rage, Springtrap is a bit of an egotist, but he dose seem to give a darn about his friends, often spending time with his "shortstop" shadow. He dose however seem to be a bit gullible, as he often winds up being used by rage and MC to test the safety of their adventurous endeavours, but doesn't seem to get to worked up about it. He is a tad terrified of Cupa, mainly due to creepers having "explosive" personality traits. A running gag throughout the series is that Springtrap apparently stores the gangs items in his body.

Kate: a recovering drug addict, Kate seems to have a mild case of ptsd, often recalling twisted memories from her past life. She dose however seem to reach out to any kindness she receives, and is more or less happy with her chance at a fresh start. She initially had a bit of distrust for the team, but after a while, she warms up and eventually she and rage become a couple. Interns of relationships with the others, she seems to be mostly getting along the best with cupa, in spite of Springtraps's warnings.

Be sure to be on the look out for more swag squad images coming soon.


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